Know How Much To Take NOW With 4 Corners Cannabis Dosage

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4 Corners Cannabis Dosage

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4 Corners Cannabis Dosage – We’re here to help you find the best 4 Corners Cannabis CBD Dosage and product for you. If you’re wondering how much 4 Corners CBD drops should you take. This calculator can help you.

4 Corners Cannabis (4CC) is one of the best CBD companies in the industry with excellent customer service. It offers several popular products including CBD tincture with 3 different carrier oils to suit everyone’s individual needs and tastes.

4 Corners products are made from CBD dominant, hemp extract using organic farming practices. 4CC grows hemp on their personal farm in Colorado. They utilize an organic cane sugar ethanol extraction method to make their hemp products. To learn more about 4 Corners CBD, read our product review.

4CC batch tests all their products and puts the Independent 3rd Party lab reports directly under each product on their website.

CBD Tinctures

  • Orange label – vape oil (vape liquid) as well as an oral tincture (sublingual or added to food or drink) made with vegetable glycerine.
  • Blue label – CBD tincture made with an MCT Coconut oil.
  • Avocado oil tincture – CBD tincture made with avocado oil.
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All 4 Corners CBD tinctures come in these concentrations.

  • 100 mg in 10ml = 10 mg/ml = 0.5mg of CBD per drop
  • 250 mg in 15 ml = 16.67 mg/ml = 0.83 mg of CBD per drop
  • 500 mg in 15 ml = 33.33 mg/ml – 1.67 mg of CBD per drop
  • 1000 mg in 30 ml = 33.33 mg/ml – 1.67 mg of CBD per drop

More popular products from 4 Corners CBD is their CBD Salve and CBD Honey Bears.

CBD Honey, 4 Corners CBD honey
4 corners cannabis dosage

How Much Should I Take?

While 4 Corners recommends dosage on its website, we’ve created a 4 Corners CBD Dosage Calculator to make it easier to know how exactly how many drops to take based on 4 Corner’s recommendations relative to weight. We include the 4 Corners Recommendations as well as a more conservative “Low and Slow” method.

There is no wrong way to start CBD. Experts agree that starting low, and slowly increasing is a good approach, but this method is not the only way and experts don’t explain what LOW is exactly.

CBD Micro-dosing

To micro-dose simply take a small amount (1-3 drops) every couple of hours until you find relief from symptoms. Once you find your beneficial dose (the point where you find improvement in symptoms), this is your maximum amount for the day. Now divide this amount throughout the day.

Low and Slow Method

Each person’s Endocannabinoid System is unique, therefore dosage recommendations of CBD is not based on your body weight and is mostly trial and error. This is why experts agree the low and slow method is best to reduce the chance of skipping or missing the beneficial dose by starting too high.

We recommend everyone start at 2 milligrams of CBD per day for a sublingual dose, and 4-5 mg per day if ingesting CBD (gummies or adding to any food or drink). There is no wrong way to start CBD.

When to Increase Dosage

You can increase the milligrams (mg) whenever you feel comfortable doing so, but look for these side effects from taking too much, too quick. If you experience these, back off the amount the next day.

NOTE: CBD is biphasic which means it can have opposite effects at high and low doses. It is recommended to start low, but after 1-2 weeks and increased hyperactivity and/or aggression (more stimulated) is not reducing, then a high dose (25-50 mg) may be necessary for your individual needs. 

*based on feedback in our FB group, Individuals with autism are known to need much higher doses.*

  • Headaches
  • Moody or irritable
  • aggression or agitated
  • highly emotional
  • stomach aches if taken on full stomach

Compare CBD Oil Products including 4 Corners Cannabis side by side with other products using our CBD Product Comparison Tool to see for yourself why it’s one of the best in the industry.

More CBD Dosage Info

These products and statements have not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and patients should consult with a physician or medical professional regarding any medical diagnoses.

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