CBD 101: Dosing – Drops vs Milligrams

If anyone gives you cbd Dosing advise to start with 2-3 drops or 3-5 drops per day and they do not work for a CBD company making a recommendation for their particular product, they do not understand CBD and you should not listen to them.


You can only dose with drops alone if you never intend to transition to another product, because 1 drop of Bluebird (regular) is 0.28 mg. 3 drops a day of Bluebird is 0.84 mg. If you want to change to NuLeaf, you cannot start at 3 drops because each drop of NuLeaf is 2.4 mg and if you give 3 drops, you’re giving 7.2 mg and that is a huge increase over 0.84 and you will likely have a negative reaction.

Bluebird 1 drop = 0.28 mg


NuLeaf 1 drop = 2.4 mg

To find success with CBD, it is essential to dose by milligrams so you can transition and compare two products effectively.

Our Super Easy Dosing Calculator, does all the math for you and will calculate how many drops of your product you need to equal our recommended starting dose of 2 mg.