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CBD 101: What Are Terpenes?

What are Terpenes?  

Terpenes are like essential oils. They are the natural scents and tastes from plants and nature.  They can induce a targeted response based on smell and tastes, much like diffusing rosemary essential oil helps improve memory.  There are hundreds of different terpenes in nature.  The earth is amazing, right!

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Sativa vs Indica

Terpene specific strains induce a targeted response.  The cannabis plant’s terpene profile combined with its CBD/THC levels induce either a relaxed, calm feeling or an energized, productive feeling.  The cannabis plant breed which induces the energized and productive response is labeled Sativa and usually has a high level of pinene and/or limonene, while the relaxed and calming response is labeled as Indica andtypically has a high level of myrcene.

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Terpene Strains

Terpene strains are byproducts of the Sativa and Indica broad categories.  After cross-breeding the Indica and Sativa plant’s, various other plants with more specific responses, were developed.  These strains have names like Bubba Kush and Grandaddy Purple.  They are a mix of the two main strains, with varying ratios.  There are literally hundreds of Terpenes strains now.

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The products below contain and are tested for terpene content.  The lab reports (found on the company websites) reflect the amount of terpenes present in the product.  Lab Reports are very important.  Without the labs, a user can not know exactly what is in their product.

Terpenes Only (without CBD)

Terpenes can be purchased separately and added to any CBD product to create more benefits and expand the CBD uses.  They can also be purchased to add flavor to any CBD product that is not pleasing to taste.

Highland Pharms has terpenes that can be added to any CBD Oil product.


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