4 Corners Cannabis 2019 Review

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Our Review of 4 Corners Cannabis (4CC) or better known as 4 Corners CBD oil, is from extensive research and customer response from those using 4 Corners Cannabis CBD hemp oil products.  We have provided below a list of pros, cons and a coupon code to 4 Corners Cannabis for affordable access to the best cbd oil on the market.

About 4  Corners Cannabis

4 Corners Cannabis is the best of the best in the CBD oil industry. 4CC is family owned and operated in the Four Corners region of Colorado.   They have almost 30 years of experience with organic farming practices in the cannabis industry. Their “Ma’at” strain has been genetically bred for human consumption just like marijuana, but unlike the genetics being used for CBD consumption that are bred for fiber and industrial use. The genetics of their organic cannabis includes high levels of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBC, etc, but also include terpenes which increase the effectiveness through the “entourage effect.”

Why 4 Corners is Great

4 Corners Cannabis is one of the few companies in the industry offering a rare gem of “seed to finished product”. They farm and harvest their own cannabis in Colorado and utilize an organic sugar cane ethanol extraction process to ensure the best reflection of the product’s genetic makeup, maintaining a robust range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients in their products.  We call it “fullest full spectrum”.

4 Corners practices are so precise and meticulous, their prices are at the high end of the market. But worth every dime for one of the best CBD oil products in the industry.

What people are saying about 4 Corners…

“I have to share this! After 1 week using 4 Corners my life and his have changed completely! We had the best Thanksgiving, no screaming, crying nothing and boy it was loud! Went to bed after we got home late and fell sleep no problem! Didn’t wake up at all. 4th night in a row and still sleeping! He is such a different kid…I am happy!“

“The absolute best CBD for ADHD we've found so far!”

”We tried every type of cbd product on the market.  Isolates did not work, broad spectrum did not work, but 4 Corners Full Spectrum with more and more cannabinoids work perfectly for us.  We’ll never use another brand!  Thank you!”

What we love:
Advanced product genetics
Hands on “seed to finished product” farm
User friendly website
Superior customer service
Orders shipped within 24 hours

Not so much:
High prices (but a superior product)
Only ships to U.S.

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