Bluebird Botanicals Review

This review provides pros, cons and a coupon code for Bluebird Botanicals to offer affordable access to one of the best CBD Full Spectrum brands on the market.

This review of Bluebird Botanicals (B.B.) is from extensive research and customer response from those using Bluebird Botanicals hemp oil products.


Bluebird Botanicals is one of the pioneers in the industry and it has one of the best, high quality products offered today.  Bluebird offers a 3 different full Spectrum oils with a different mix of Terpenes to offer some separate targeted responses.

Targeted Response

Bluebird provides three different oils, with three different mixes of cannabinoids and Terpenes.   This provides a targeted response such as more more calming due to the Myrcene in their Complete product.  See below how each product has unique properties.


Bluebird Classic – high in a-Humulene (appetite suppressant) and a- caryophyllene.

Click here for B.B. Classic lab reports

Bluebird Signature – High in a-pinene (aids in memory)

Click here for B.B. Signature lab reports

Bluebird Complete – high in myrcene (Relaxing, sedative)

Click here for B.B. Complete lab reports.

Independent Third Party Labs

Bluebird posts all their third party lab reports on their website for each product batch.  You can always find the batch specific lab results directly on the Bluebird website.  This is a rarity in the CBD market and reflects true transparency from a highly respected company.

What we like:
Offers Sample Pack at affordable price
Targeted response from cannabinoid and terpene mix

Not so much:
Users report drops do not taste good.
Only ships to U.S.

What Customers Are Saying

”I have had a wonderful experience with them. They emailed back quickly with answers to my questions. I like the Signature and my hubs likes the Complete. It is crazy how much more productive I am. I did the sample pack.”

”My 6 year old is off adhd meds and takes bluebird complete. 5 drops in the am and pm and it has nothing but a blessing. No notes home anymore and tantrums nowhere near what they used to be. It has worked for him quite well.”


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Visit The Bluebird Botanicals Website


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