CBD Hemp Shopping Checklist – How To Reseach CBD Companies

Shopping for a quality CBD Hemp Wellness Product is overwhelming.  There are so many new companies in this emerging market, it can get confusing and absolutely frustrating. We will teach you how to research CBD companies.

First and foremost, is to find a great product.  Once you have done your research and have found a great product from a reputable company, you need to find the best beneficial dose for your individual needs.

To help guide you to your beneficial dose, we have a CBD Dosage calculator to figure it out..  Click HERE to go to our calculator.

One of the first steps in how to research CBD companies is the quality standards on our checklist should be easily found on the companiy’s website.  If it is not easily found, then the company lacks transparency and that’s a huge red flag.

Check out our list of trusted brands to see which companies pass our high quality standards.

CBD Wellness Products/Brands Shopping Check List

_______Third Party Independent Lab Tested and accessible. Every company will say lab tested, make sure it’s an independent lab, if not move on. Can a customer access the lab reports? Can a customer see them online or request thru email?

_______Company founded?  (less than 2 years, move on)

_______Is it a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) company?

A reputable company does not have to employ their customers to make exaggerated claims and push the product on new customers.

MLM companies have a history of poor customer reviews and subpar products sourced from questionable farms.

The marketing strategy is to sell to an uneducated audience before they have the chance to get educated, and then have them push the product to more uneducated customers.

Another point to consider is MLM companies tend to say they have the best “quality” product, but pay extremely high commissions (up to 85%).  Ask yourself this question.  Is their product a “quality” product if only 15% of the price is allocated to the product (growing, harvesting, bottling, marketing and distribution)?

Known MLM companies are: HempWorx, Club8, Kannaway, My Daily Choice, Green HoriZen, Zilis/Pur 7, Prime My Body, CTFO, Purium, NewYouPro.com.

_______Hemp sourced location?  (Europe, Colorado or USA) found on the website?…this shows transparency

_________Grown organically? This refers to the hemp extract only. Artificial colors, dyes and flavors may be added to improve the taste and are detrimental to an ADHD diagnosis.


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