Full Spectrum vs Full Spectrum and THC Free (Hybrid Full Spectrum)

I’ve been baffled and confused about how a product can be full Spectrum and THC free, and yes, there are labs to back up the claims.  

Typically, a CBD product is either full Spectrum or THC free because during the extraction process the smaller cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN are depleted before CBD or THC.  

Think of the process like sculpting wood, where the bark and sap are CBG and CBC, and the actual wood is CBD and THC.  How would you carve a structure and maintain the sap and bark (CBC and CBG), while removing part of the wood (THC) and maintaining the other part (CBD)?  It just didn’t make sense to me.  And if it was something that could be easily done, why hasn’t it been done until now? (This is only how I visualize the process and not based on any real facts.  This is only my interpretation of the extraction process).

Frankenstein Experiment

The process seems to be more like a Frankenstein experiment, where companies are taking a CBD Isolate and combining with a CBN or CBG, or CBC Isolate and then calling it full Spectrum.  (Or “hybrid full spectrum”)

Here’s the explanation I found on one of the products…

“Whether you’re a business professional or a professional athlete, always make sure your CBD oil contains zero THC. Although 0.3% THC is the legal limit in the United States, trace amounts could still produce a positive drug test. Our “hybrid full-spectrum” process combines the absolute purest crystalline CBD isolate with a controlled full-spectrum extract to carefully prevent the introduction of any THC. This is the only way to ensure a premium full-plant cannabinoid extract capable of producing the infamous “entourage effect” without any risk of THC.”

If the “controlled full spectrum extract” contained multiple cannabinoids and no THC, why not use it?

Be Informed

We believe it’s important to be completely educated on what you’re using.  This is why we created this FB group #CBD4ADHD.  We wanted consumers to be able to cut thru the marketing BS and be able to make informed decisions about the products they use.  To know exactly why one product works while another similar product doesn’t.  

Will these hybrid products be as effective?  Only experience will tell the tale, but at least you’ll know what you’re purchasing.  


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