How to Infuse CBD Terpsolate To Oil

Ever thought to make CBD drops yourself? Have you considered how to infuse terpsolates to oil?  Did you know the cost of concentrates, like terpsolates, is more affordable and economical than purchasing pre-bottled drops.

CBDistillery has terpsolates that can be infused to any carrier oil to be used as sublingual or ingested drops.  This option is very affordable as well as flexible because the consumer can determine the concentration level (potency).  It is so easy to do and much easier than you ever believed.

CBDistillery has several THC Free options (Jack Herer, Serendipity, Tangie, Bubba Kush), as well as a full spectrum terpsolate (Blue Dream, Cherry Pie) which has legal, trace amounts of THC as well as other cannabinoids to create an entourage effect of benefits.

CBDistillery’s Terpsolates include either a full spectrum CBD or an Isolate with Strain specific Terpenes to provide targeted responses.  These Terpsolate products are available at 1 gram (1000 milligrams) so by infusing them to your own oil, they are more affordable than pre-bottled options.


CBD Terpsolate – I used CBDistillery Jack Herer Terpsolate. 99% pure CBD Isolate plus strain specific Terpenes. (THC Free)

Organic MCT Oil.  (Other options are olive oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil).  MCT oil is a water soluble option and provides better bioavailability than fat soluble oils.  This option is more efficient allowing the body to absorb more of the CBD therefore needing less of a CBD dose.

Amber bottles – 1 oz bottles (30ml)

Funnel – for easy pouring.

Double Boiler Set up – Pot of slow boiling water.  Glass bowl on top of water, but not touching the water.  Must be gentle boil and not too hot.  Cannabinoids start to evaporate at around 250 degrees Fahrenheit

Candy Thermometer – to monitor temperature.

STEPS (to make 1000 mg in 30 ml of oil; 33mg/ml)

  1.  Measure 15-30 ml of MCT oil.  (I used a children’s Motrin measuring cup…filled to 15 ml twice)  30 ml will provide an oil with 33mg/ml or 1.1 mg per drop.  15 ml will produce an oil with 67mg/ml or 2.2 mg per drop.
  2. Add the 1 Gram (1000 mg) Terpsolate to SLOWLY melt.  (Use a candy thermometer to keep temperature under 250 degrees Fahrenheit so as to not evaporate and waste the  cannabinoids.) 
  3. Melt completely, mix evenly, and pour into amber glass bottle using the funnel to get every drop.  This oil contains 1000mg of CBD in 30 ml of oil for 33mg/ml.  (1 drop = 1.1 mg)

you are all set set with your new affordable drops made from a great quality product.

To see our entire list of recommended brands, just click here. 

This pic shows the boiling point for most cannabinoids.  It is important to heat at less than this temp to preserve the cannabinoids present in the terpsolate.


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