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How to Keep Your Child Busy During the Quarantine

How to Keep Your Child Entertained During the Covid Quarantine

Being a parent during the coronavirus quarantine can be challenging, but it can be even more daunting for parents of children with ADHD. Often imaginative and restless, kids with ADHD find it difficult to just sit in the house all day. Activities that other children may enjoy, like reading books or putting together puzzles, can be frustrating for them, leaving you both feeling tense and unhappy. However, there are ways you can pass the time right now, even with a stay-at-home order in place. Here are a few things to try out until you can resume your normal routines again.

Play Games in Your Backyard

Just because you’re in quarantine doesn’t mean you need to stay in the house all day! Find some fun games that you can play in your backyard or driveway, which will allow everyone to get some fresh air and sunshine. Sometimes the simplest games are the best, so think back on your childhood. Perhaps a game of tag will leave the whole family laughing, or hide and seek will let you forget your worries. You can also pick up some sidewalk chalk to spruce up your driveway with some one-of-a-kind artwork to kill some time and cheer up everyone who passes by.

Go for a Drive

Roll down the windows and enjoy the breeze as you cruise around town to take in the day. If you branch out and take the scenic route instead of following your usual paths, you just might discover a fun new restaurant to try when the quarantine is over or a cute little park that you never knew existed. As you’re out on the road, it’s important to avoid dangerous driving patterns. Make sure to always wear your seat belt, and pay attention to your acceleration and breaking habits even when there is less traffic than usual.

Have a Dance Party

Let your kid be a DJ for a day, and get in a good cardio workout for the whole family. Queue up a fun playlist on your phone, crank up the volume, and boogie down to tunes as you dance around your living room. This is an especially fun activity for kids with ADHD, as it allows them to let loose for a bit instead of sitting down and focusing on a quiet task.

Although quarantine is difficult for all of us, now is the time to think outside the box and explore ways to have fun that your child will love. Who knows, you may even come across a favorite new activity that will last well beyond this time!

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