NuLeaf How Many Drops Should I Take? – Nuleaf Dosage

NuLeaf Dosage – How Many Drops Should I Take?

Before we get into Nuleaf Dosage, let’s learn about NuLeaf first. NuLeaf Naturals is one of the best selling brands of full spectrum, highest quality CBD oil on the market with exceptional customer service and longevity in the industry. Their products are 3rd party lab tested with results directly on the website. These products contains a robust range of cannabinoids and terpenes for an optimal entourage effect.

NuLeaf CBD Strength 

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil products are one of the most concentrated CBD products in this emerging market at 50 mg/ml. How many mg in a drop, do you ask? Each drop of NuLeaf Naturals oil, no matter the different size bottles, includes 2.4 milligrams of CBD per drop.

Products Include:

240mg, nuleaf how many drops

240 mg CBD in the ENTIRE bottle = 5 ml volume


725 mg CBD in the ENTIRE bottle = 15 ml volume

1450 mg

1450 mg CBD in the ENTIRE bottle = 30 ml volume

2425mg cbd dosage

2425 mg CBD in the ENTIRE bottle = 50 ml volume

Nuleaf cbd 4850mg

4850 mg CBD in the ENTIRE bottle = 100 ml volume

NuLeaf CBD Dosage

Compare CBD Oil Products including Nuleaf side by side with other products using our CBD Product Comparison Tool to see for yourself why it’s the best in the industry.

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  • NuLeaf Delivery Methods

    Currently NuLeaf’s product line only includes CBD oil drops taken sublingually (drops under the tongue) or ingested (added to food or drink). However, rumor has it, NuLeaf will start selling capsules as well.


    NuLeaf is available in all 50 states and worldwide and know for excellent customer service and fast shipping.

    What Customers Are Saying

    “…He’s responded so well…he’s calmer, less impulsive, less anxiety able to focus, actually holds conversations with us and plays with his sisters which he never used to do…this is actually week 2 without his medications at school.”

    “We have been using NuLeaf for ADHD with my 4 year old, hyperactivity, impulse control – for 2 weeks. I am really impressed with the changes. We had friends over on Saturday and the father made a comment on how impressed he was with my sons focus and length of time he could have a conversation with others. His teachers see a big difference.”

    “My son is 7. Using NuLeaf. He says he only “thinks about one thing at a time now.” It took about 4 weeks to see a change. He is completing his class work and passing his tests.”

    And More…

    “I did tons of research, I googled all the brands and one stood out among the rest, and knew Nuleaf had the cannabinoid and terpene profile I was looking for. I read many reviews from parents who said their child’s appetite increased on Nuleaf which is what I was looking for. After a couple of years on meds, my son’s appetite had decreased and he was significantly underweight. Now he eats and eats well! Makes my mama heart smile!

    And now he’s sleeping. Every child needs sufficient sleep. We no longer fight at bedtime, we stick to the routine and he goes to bed and sleeps all night. YES!!

    His anxiety is gone! He is happy and rational, level, working things through and processing thoughts. He’s not over thinking or over analyzing or over anxious.

    His grades are improving finally and he willingly accepts help at school. HE IS FOCUSING! He is no longer defiant but a happy, well-adjusted child. We have more good days than bad. And the bad days are fewer and fewer.

    He knows it’s working for him and even asks for NuLeaf drops every day.”

    “We tried 5 other brands and nothing has worked as well as Nuleaf Naturals for impulse control, meltdowns, he’s sleeping better, his grades are improving and he’s a happy kid again. I could not be happier.


    These products and statements have not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and patients should consult with a physician or medical professional regarding any medical diagnoses.

    CBD oil, or any CBD product, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. If you are pregnant or nursing, please discuss with your physician before using dietary supplements.


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