Diet for Children With ADHD – Does it Work?

What is the best diet for children with ADHD?

Many parents who have children with ADHD have successfully improved the symptoms and hyperactivity through diet. I, too, have found that cutting out certain foods and eating a “clean” diet has improved the ADHD symptoms in my children.

If you think about the uniqueness and special qualities of our ADHD children, it’s only natural they need a quality diet to help them perform at peak levels. Our kids have gifts that other children don’t possess. They have endless energy, they solve problems unlike other kids and they are out-of-the box thinkers. These incredible kids are like a thoroughbred…high energy, high maintenance, and hard to control. They require top quality sources of energy to utilize and optimize their amazing traits.

Our bodies were created to consume food, not synthetic food, not genetically modified food, not highly processed food and not food-like products…not food that has been altered to be fat free or low fat, less sugar or sugar-free. Any food that has been altered, likely has an additive to replace what was changed, either to give it density, improve the taste or maintain it’s consistency.

Make sure you are sitting down because this is going to shock you…I even allow my kids sugar, yes, dreaded sugar… organic sugar in homemade strawberry lemonade is better than a soda with high fructose corn syrup on any day!! Also, I have never forbidden any food because they have ADHD. We have eliminated certain foods from our family because these foods are not “real” food, and not healthy for any of us. Human nature is funny, because as soon as you forbid or ban a food, it’s the first thing you want and you start to feel deprived, then depressed and then isolated because it seems like everyone else around you can have it but you. I simply don’t buy it and the kids never know it’s been “banned”, and to clarify, it’s not banned for life, it’s banned on a daily basis. Birthday cake, hot dogs and soda aren’t ideal, but they are staples of birthday parties and backyard BBQ’s. We enjoy, we plan around them for the day, and then we get back to real food the next day.

I personally do not follow any particular named diet but there are ways you can help your ADHD child perform well. For us, it’s eating REAL food.  The closer to the earth, the better, which means the less processed and altered, the better it is for you.

What foods to avoid for ADHD? (These are the things we avoid and they work for us)

Processed foods
High fructose corn syrup

Below are other food items to avoid to improve ADHD.


Other Great Recipes

Besides Strawberry Lemonade, my kids also love homemade bread, and my fresh salsa better known as “Hippie Hot Sauce”. You can find these recipes at or click on their link above.