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CBDfx Gummies All Natural

CBDfx Gummies – Are you looking for CBD gummies for ADHD? How about CBD gummies for kids with ADHD?

These CBDfx gummies are all natural CBD gummies and made with no artificial ingredients.  They taste very good with no hemp or after taste.  CBDfx gummies are great for an ADHD child or adult.

If you're looking for gummies for ADHD, you found them!

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What people are saying about CBDfx Gummies…

“We love CBDfx gummies! My son says they taste awesome.”

“I just started the CBDfx gummies this week. They do taste awesome and I started with half a gummy.”

“She takes 1.5 gummy in the morning and 1.5 after school. She’s doing great on the CBDFx.”

“My oldest is ADHD,ASD,SPD and ODD, we started with the CBDfx a half of one twice a day and then moved up to a whole one twice a day. It worked awesome, his teachers noticed a difference and everything. We ran out and I forgot to order more but during that time he was one yellow twice that week, talked back and didn’t listen, his teachers asked if we had done something because they were bragging on him a couple weeks before about how good and well behaved he was. We will be sticking with these gummies and keeping him off of 2mg abilify, hopefully we can get him off of all medications soon but baby steps first.”

“I recently started my son on CBDfx 5mg gummies. 3 a day, spaced out and have seen some improvement which I am ecstatic about.”

“So.. the CBDfx Gummies are currently out of stock and we ran out 😭 these have been working wonders for my boy…” 

“I am on day four of cbdfx gummies for my nine year old. One gummy 5 mg once per day. I immediately saw a decrease in crankiness and temper which is wonderful!”


  • 1 Container = 60 Gummy Bears
  • 1 Gummy Bear = 5mg Pure CBD Oil
  • Take 1 to 2 CBD gummies per day before bed time.


Organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, water, natural flavors and colors, CBD rich hemp oil.

  • No Corn Syrup.
  • No Animal Gelatin.
  • No Artificial Sweeteners.

These Gummies that are 100% vegan.Organically grown. No corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, ever. With these CBD gummy bears, enjoy guilt-free indulging and the benefits of 5mg of active CBD per delicious and natural gummy. 

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