CBD Drink Mix “Energy+Focus”

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Joy Organics – Save 15%

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    CBD Drink Mix

    Joy Organics CBD Drink Mix provides quick, safe and natural energy with every sip. CBD Energy + Focus energy mix gives you the boost you want to get the most out of your next workout. Experience the difference that Joy’s THC free mix can make in how you exercise.

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    What People Are Saying About Joy Organics CBD Energy Drink Mix…

    “5:30pm Friday evening, my friend and I are driving into the city, both if us yawning after a tough week. We added a packet to approximately 20 ozs of water. Wow! Awesome, natural berry taste with an even better mood boost without the caffeine jitters. I went from yawning to smiling and was ready for Friday nite! Another amazing thing: I slept like a baby which never happens after a coffee so late.

    “This is a excellent choice for getting the health benefits of CBD oil and energy boost in a convenient manner.”

    “I really like steady and clear feeling. No jitters. I only use half a packet in my morning smoothie and bam! Im good for the day. Awesome stuff.”

    “Love these. Use it in my water in the morning. Clear mind, focus, no jitters.”

    “Love this right before my workout! I really can tell the difference. Great energy and no jitters.”

    “I received a free sample yesterday & I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted good & acted FAST! Within about 4 mins I felt energized! I definitely needed that to take on my crazy day. This also took my mind off of my back pain. Thank you Joy Organics! “

    “Love these. Use it in my water in the morning. Clear mind, focus, no jitters.”