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Tips for Finding a Supportive ADHD Doctor

Finding a Supportive Doctor for Child with ADHD

If you feel that your child is struggling to concentrate, a team of medical professionals with expertise in ADHD can help you find the best path forward. As your child nears school age, he or she may need to work with behavioral therapists and counselors to function well in a formal setting. Finding the right doctor can help you make the best choices for your child.

Research Online

Until you have a concrete diagnosis, it’s best to avoid joining support groups or parent forums related to ADHD. Not only can this slow your research process, but you may start making anecdotal rather than science-based choices for your child. You need to work with a skilled, trained scientist who has a specialty in diagnosing and managing ADHD in small children. An overwhelming majority of people rely heavily on online reviews when looking for a doctor. Make sure you’re working with a doctor who offers a wide array of testing options.

Review Scholarly Journals

Studying scholarly journals can help you make the right choice for your child’s pediatrician. You may find organizations made up of pediatricians who offer expertise to other doctors about ADHD in early childhood. These physicians likely belong to professional organizations related to this field of study. In addition to seeking out a physician who provides a detailed formal assessment of your child, you want someone who possesses professional resources to draw upon. Scholarly journals can make it easy to understand the depth and expertise of pediatricians in your area.

Set a Trial Appointment

Ultimately, you and your child’s medical team need to work together for the betterment of your child. Setting a trial appointment can help you determine if a particular pediatrician will serve the needs of your family well. Not only are you looking for a good fit, but you also want a pediatrician who carefully studies your case to take the lead in contacting other specialists who can help with the challenges facing your family. Helping your child function well in school and society will be a team effort. Your pediatrician will be one of the strongest members of that team.

Treating a child with ADHD is a multistep process. A proper diagnosis must be arrived at via rigorous testing. Additionally, your child may need the assistance of a behavioral therapist or other specialists. Finally, your pediatrician needs to be able and willing to serve as a liaison with your child’s school or preschool.

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