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Treating ADHD with CBD Oil

Treating ADHD with CBD Oil

CBD or cannabidiol is one of various compounds found in the hemp plant. It comes with useful medicinal properties. While there are established benefits for some mental health disorders, research is still inadequate when it comes to neurological disorders or behavioral conditions. If you are interested in treating ADHD with CBD, looking at the research that does exist can help.

Research on treating ADHD with CBD

A 2015 study looked at the connection between cannabis use, depression and ADHD in young college students. While the results of the study were inconclusive, it did find some evidence to suggest that cannabis use contributed to an increased ability to cope with the symptoms of these disorders.

ADHD and substance abuse

Various studies have found that those who suffer from ADHD are at risk of drifting into substance abuse. A study for the year 2014, for instance, found that the more the attention deficit that was noticed in childhood, the greater was the chance of severe substance abuse in adulthood. In another study conducted in 2017, close to 200 students with ADHD were assessed for their impulsivity and their drug abuse potential. This study also concluded that people who suffered from ADHD were likely to use illegal drugs.

The conclusion to draw from these studies is that ADHD is more than just a difficult symptom experience; it also induces dangerous behavior. It is for this reason that it is important to treat it. CBD oil may help.

CBD oil may offer advantages over conventional medications for ADHD

Conventional ADHD drugs can be either the stimulant type, or the non-stimulant type. Three out of four children in America who are prescribed ADHD medication receive the stimulant-type drug. These are preferred, but they do come with difficult side effects such as weight loss, dry mouth and insomnia. Non-stimulant medications come with these unintended effects, too, although they are rare.

When CBD oil is used to treat ADHD, it comes with nearly no side-effects. While some people experience drowsiness or an upset stomach, most complain of few incidental effects. Doses of up to 1,500 mg a day are shown to be well-tolerated. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil can be fast acting, as well. In many cases, it acts within 20 minutes of ingestion.

Using CBD oil

CBD oil is typically consumed through the oral route, but it is not swallowed. Instead, a drop, or several drops depending on therapeutic dose, is placed under the tongue in order to expose the mucous glands to the substance. This method is call Sublingual dosing. The oil, when swallowed or ingested, is quickly digested, and provides approximately half the dose as sublingual due to the liver and digestive process filtering the effective dose. Mucous glands, wherever they may be, offer the best route for ingestion of the oil. Vaping and nasal spray are the most effective ways to consume this medicinal product.

Starting CBD

When starting CBD, it is very important to start with a low dose and slowly increase. For help with starting CBD, check out this article “CBD: The Journey Begins – How to Start Using CBD“.

It is important to find the best quality products for your individual needs. We vetted hundreds of brands and put a CBD trusted brand list together to help you research.

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