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ADHD Diet: Which Foods Are Best For Me?

An ADHD Diet is as unique as you are. Some of us have green eyes and some of us have brown eyes. Some of us have blonde hair while others have red hair. You get the picture, right?

So how do we know which foods we’re sensitive to? How do we know if we’re sick, depressed, inflamed, tired, anxious because of the food we eat?  

Well, we test our biological makeup and has made it super easy.

I’ve done this food sensitivity test and it is super easy and super affordable. All you need to do is take a hair sample and mail to  Once they complete the analysis, sends you an ebook with all the test results based on your hair sample.  The ebook includes tons of information about foods, medicines and even plants and insect bites you have sensitivities to. 

Once you know which foods you’re sensitive to, you can modify your diet to your individual needs.

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