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Nuleaf vs CBDistillery: Head-to-Head Comparison

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Nuleaf vs CBDistillery

We did all the research to make shopping easier when researching these CBD companies.

About Nuleaf Naturals

Founded in 2014 by a group of health-conscious friends with a vision to promote a healthy body and mind.

Nuleaf offers exceptional customer service and longevity in the industry. They offer full spectrum products derived from hemp organically grown in Colorado and extracted using a CO2 extraction process. Nuleaf products are all 3rd party lab tested with lab results directly on the website. These products contain a robust range of cannabinoids and terpenes for an optimal entourage effect.

Nuleaf’s health-conscious plant medicine mission is based on their Colorado organically grown full spectrum hemp extract CBD. Unlike many CBD brands currently on the market that include CBD only.

Nuleaf started with full spectrum CBD oil tincture only and expanded its product line to offer:

  • Delta 8 oil and capsules,
  • CBN oil and capsules,
  • CBC oil and capsules,
  • CBG oil and capsules and
  • CBD pet products.
  • Multi Cannabinoid oil and capsules
The cannabinoid content of Nuleaf
  • CBG for mood regulation
  • CBC for brain development and Memory
  • CBD for reduced anxiety and depression
  • CBDa – for reduced inflammation
  • CBN – for calming and relaxation and better sleep

About CBDistillery

CBDistillery offers the high-quality CBD oils derived from NON-GMO industrial hemp plants grown with natural and sustainable farming practices. Their full spectrum oils and zero percent THC CBD tinctures come in a number of concentrations to fit anyone’s needs. All of their hemp CBD oil tinctures are third-party lab tested and work wonders for your overall well-being.

Some of the benefits of CBD oil are it’s fast acting and easy to take! Drop these CBD hemp oil products under your tongue and hold before swallowing or add it to your favorite beverages. – adapted from CBDistillery Website

  • Excellent Customer Reviews
  • Longevity in the CBD industry, founded in 2016
  • Extensive 3rd party lab tests
  • Offer a wide range and several types of CBD products including CBD oil tinctures, gummies and isolate powder.
  • US Hemp Authority Certified
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD oils and Isolate hemp oil products in MCT oil carrier oil (coconut oil)
  • Affordable prices
  • Colorado grown
  • Assistance programs for military and veterans
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Lab Tested – Provides product specific batch 3rd party lab tested results on website for full transparency
  • fast shipping with delivery within 3-5 business days

Although most customers use CBD oils for anxiety and chronic pain, those with ADHD are finding relief as well. These full spectrum products can provide benefits like mood regulation, improved memory, reduced inflammation, calming and better sleep.

CBDistillery offers a wide variety of products there is something for everyone including:

  • CBD gummies,
  • CBD oil,
  • CBD capsules,
  • CBD isolate and
  • CBD pet products.
  • CBD Full Spectrum Products
  • Broad Spectrum Products
  • Isolate Products

Nuleaf vs CBDistillery Products Compared

Nuleaf vs Lazarus, Nuleaf Naturals Review, CBD Near Me, Nuleaf 900mg
Nuleaf 1800 mg of CBD
Cbdistillery 1000mg
CBDistillery 2500mg of CBD
Full Spectrum or IsolateFull SpectrumFull Spectrum
Price Per mg$0.10 per milligram$0.05 per milligram
Carrier OilHemp Seed OilMCT Coconut Oil
ShippingUS Free ShippingUS Free Shipping
Lab Test Date10.08.202005.01.2020
Studies Suggest:
CBD (reduces Anxiety & Depressions)
CBDa (reduces Inflammation)
CBC (improved Brain Developement)
CBG (mood lifter)
CBN (relaxation)
THC (appetite stimulant and relaxation)
Test for Heavy Metals?YesYes
Test for Contaminants?YesYes
Test for Pesticides?YesYes
Test for Terpenes?NoYes
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Nuleaf vs CBDistillery – Key Comparison’s

  • Nuleaf’s carrier oil is Hemp Seed Oil, while CBDistillery’s carrier oil is MCT Coconut oil.
  • CBDistillery vs Nuleaf both use a CO2 extraction process.
  • CBDistillery is more affordable for a more robust range of cannabinoids and terpenes, plus extensive testing process. (Batch lab are routinely updated and can change often. Always review the most recent labs for current content)
  • Nuleaf CBD oil concentrated to 60mg per milliliter, and CBDistillery full spectrum 5000mg CBD oil concentrated to 167mg per milliliter.
  • Both CBD companies products reflect a robust range of cannabinoids and terpene profiles

Click HERE for complete Nuleaf Lab Reports

Click HERE for a complete CBDistillery Lab Report

Find product comparisons using our CBD Comparison Tool. Available Flash Sales on Nuleaf and CBDistillery on can be found on our CBD Coupons page.

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