CBD101: Labs Are Important

Labs are important! I just saw someone in another group promoting their neighbors new CBD oil that is Full Spectrum and THC Free.

If you know much about CBD, products are either Full Spectrum OR THC Free (CBD Isolate).

I took a peek at the brand new website, which had very little information other than products with very high prices and NO LABS to confirm the marketing buzz words. It did not even have an ingredient list to reflect the carrier oil used in the product.

Don’t be scammed! Always ask for labs. Know exactly what you’re being sold. Some companies will promote their products as THC free when in fact, they have up to 0.3% which is the hemp defined threshold.

****I suppose you could mix several cannabinoid isolates together (CBD Isolate, CBN Isolate) for a Frankenstein type product and call it Full Spectrum without THC, but without labs, there is no way to know for sure.