Essential Oils for Attention, Focus and Concentration

Essential Oils for Attention, Focus and Concentration?

​**If using directly on the skin (topical use), you must dilute with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil.

For Dilution Rates, please click HERE.

You do not have to Dilute your oils when you put them in a Diffuser.  Just mix a couple of pure oil drops in with the water in your diffuser.

All Essential Oils are not created equal.  I've used Doterra, Young Living, Edens Garden and Rocky Mountains Oils (RMO).  In my experience Rocky Mountain Oils has the highest quality oil for the best price.  RMO is 100% Pure, third party lab tested to insure a high quality oil free of contaminants, and all of RMO is Cruelty Free.  And it's not an MLM so you can purchase directly from the website at affordable prices.

These oils are fantastic to add to your existing CBD regiment.

promotes wellness of the mind and spirit, helping to uplift the mood while bringing calm and relaxation. Draw on inner strength, enhance deep meditation, and center the mind. Frankincense, Serrata Essential Oil also supports emotional healing, helping reduce feelings of loneliness, frailty, and grief, while sharpening concentration.

Peppermint Essential Oil also may alleviate mental fatigue and boost energy and alertness. The oil promotes fresh perspectives, while inspiring creativity and self-confidence. Diffuse Peppermint Essential Oil to uplift the mood, easing tension and overwhelming emotions.

Vetiver oil has helped children combat ADHD and ADD symptoms, which typically include difficulty in concentrating, diminished focus, being easily distracted, difficulty with organization and following directions, impatience, and fidgety behavior.

promotes mental clarity,  focus and attention and has a calming effect.  It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-viral properties.  (For a more affordable option try the Blend of Sandalwood)

Rosemary oil is known for promoting and enhancing memory as well as improving mental clarity and brain focus.  It is great to diffuse while studying and completing homework after school.

Basil oil is used to support several different mental health symptoms.  It is known to promote and enhance focus, concentration and memory.  It has a sweet, refreshing scent that helps eliminate distractions.  Great for studying after school.

Attention Assist
may also help calm and soothe the emotions while providing a grounding effect. Use the oil to help clear mental cobwebs and fortify the mind.  Use the oil to help focus your mind on a task at hand, such as studying or working on a project amid distraction.

Use Brainstorm to help focus your thoughts, whether you’re studying or meditating. The oil also helps promote peace and balance in frustrating situations, and may help clear mental cobwebs.

– Use the enlivening fragrance to help uplift your mood and energize your mind. Focusing will help awaken the brain and may inspire deep breathing and sharper focus. Try diffusing it when you need to clear your thoughts and enhance alertness.

Mind Alive
– Diffuse the oil to help balance everyday tension and stress, while clearing mental cobwebs. Use Mind Alive to encourage confidence and reduce feelings of fear and dissolve emotional blocks that may hinder personal growth.

Concentrate Essential Oil Blend’s
Vetiver constituent helps focus concentration, reduce mental distractions, and sharpen awareness, which makes this blend a great choice to apply before school and during homework time.

Joyful Moments
can help balance emotions by either relaxing or stimulating as needed. It’s a great blend to diffuse at family gatherings. You can also dilute it or use in a massage. Joyful Moments may motivate you to move forward and eliminate blocked personal growth, while helping to relieve and energize mental fatigue and improve concentration.

The Secret – Use The Secret to help uplift and lend clarity to thoughts, especially during meditation. Diffuse in a space for increased focus and additional balance to everyday emotions. Use The Secret to awaken awareness and integrate internal energy allowing us to visualize our goals and dreams more vividly.

Copaiba – Copaiba Balsam works as a mood stabilizer, helping to calm the mind from everyday ups and downs. The oil also makes a great addition to any beauty regimen. Use it to give skin a youthful, radiant glow while moisturizing and nourishing dry skin and hair. The sweet oil acts as a fixative, stabilizing and strengthening the scents of other essential oils.

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