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Hometown Hero Coupon Code for Huge Savings

Hometown Hero Coupon Code – Hometown Hero CBD is a company dedicated to providing premium hemp-derived CBD and Delta 8, Delta 9 products that are high in quality and accessible for all. Their mission is to provide the best possible Hemp CBD and Delta THC products at an affordable price. To make this possible, they offer Hometown Hero coupon codes which can be used on their entire range of cannabinoid-rich products including tinctures, capsules, topicals, and edibles. 

When to Use a Hometown Hero CBD Promo Code

Using a Hometown Hero coupon code is a great way to save money while ensuring you get a high quality product. However, it’s important to understand the terms associated with these Hometown Hero discount codes so that you can maximize your savings. By understanding the details of each coupon code, you will know exactly what you can expect when making a purchase. 

  • HERO25 – Save 25% sitewide on your first purchase from Hometown Hero (based on email address)
  • HERO – Save additional 20% sitewide on all orders from Hometown Hero CBD

When entering a Hometown Hero coupon code during checkout, there may be some additional hoops you have to jump through when submitting an order. For example, some Hometown Hero coupon code may require signing up for their email newsletter or creating an account on their website before the discount will appear on the final purchase amount. 

Hometown Hero Coupon Expiration Dates

It’s also important to note any expiration dates associated with each promotional offer so that you don’t miss out on potential savings if you forget to use it before it expires. Typically Hometown Hero will offer additional savings and coupon codes during holidays and Black Friday.

Additionally, not every Hometown Hero coupon code will apply discounts towards specific types of products – so double check your cart contents before completing your purchase. Some Hometown Hero Coupon Codes are for specific products and only available for limited times so don’t miss out when they become available.

Hometown Hero CBD Products

Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular products offered by Hometown Hero CBD that could be purchased using one of these Hometown Hero CBD coupon codes: 

Tinctures – Tinctures are an easy way to consume cannabinoids orally in liquid form. They come in various concentrations and formulations including full-spectrum oil blends and isolate-based tinctures which are free from THC content altogether.

Capsules and Softgels – These discrete delivery methods make consuming cannabinoids even easier than ever. Taking capsules or softgels ensures accurate dosing with no risk of mess or hassle usually associated with oil droppers or tincture liquids.

Topicals – Applying cannabinoids directly onto skin provides relief almost instantly. With both topical cream formulations containing essential oils or balms made from beeswax and shea butter –Hometown Hero has something for everyone depending on what type of relief your looking for.

Edibles – Not only does Hometown Hero offer gummies but also cookies and brownies. Eating edibles provides prolonged onset times making them one of the more enjoyable ways to ingest cannabinoids.


In conclusion, using a Hometown Hero coupon code from Hometown Hero CBD can save you tons of money; resulting in huge savings on premium hemp-derived cannabinoid infused products like tinctures, capsules/softgels, topicals and edibles. Just remember to read through all terms & conditions carefully before trying it out so that no surprises show up along the way.

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